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About Jaffna

Jaffna is the capital city of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It is the administrative headquarters of the Jaffna district located on a peninsula of the same name. The peninsula is mostly surrounded by water, connected to the rest of the island by a small strip of land.
Jaffna District is populated by Tamil speaking people. Jaffna is low lying and shallow lagoons cover much of it and have a number of islands dotted offshore – Kayts, Karaitivu, Nainativu, Eluvaitivu, Analaitivu, Pungudutivu, Velanai, Mandativu and two uninhabited islands - Palaitivu and Kachaitivu.
Jaffna is famous for the deliciousness of its mangoes and toddy from the palmyrah palm. There are plenty of beaches but no resorts have ever been built. The palmyrah palm, a native of Sri Lanka and Southern India and of the Jaffna peninsula in particular, are hardy and stand straight, sending their roots deep to find water in unknown places. Palmyrah products are beneficial to mankind in many ways and is said to be the single most useful plant in the region. We will consider its usefulness in the Yarlpanam cuisine in this site. The palmyrah palm is a part of culinary culture of Jaffna people.
Jaffna Travel Tips
Reach Jaffna by Air: Flights are available from all over the world. To get to Jaffna one must fly upto Colombo the southern capital and get a domestic flight to Palali (1 hour journey). Palali airport is 17km north of Jaffna.
Reach Jaffna by Train: Trains are the cheapest and perhaps the best way to see Sri Lanka. Several trains are available from Colombo to Vanuniya, from where tourists need to take a bus.
Reach Jaffna by Road: Central Transport Board Buses and private buses are available from Colombo to Jaffna. It takes 9-10 hours to reach JaffnaDistances of Jaffna from major cities:
• from Colombo: 396 kms
• from Dambulla: 248 kms

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